Cape Romain Featured Project
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Peninsula Trunkmain 1A

  • Owner:  Charleston Water System Prime: Chandler Construction Services
  • Construction Cost: $2,489,475
  • Completion Date:  December 2009

Scope of Services:

  • Install 601’ of 48”Ø Ball and Socket Restrained Joint Pipe Across Turkey Creek
  • Install 931’ of 36”Ø Ball and Socket Restrained Joint Pipe Across Filbin Creek

Pipe installation for Chandler Construction: Turkey Creek and Filbin Creek are environmentally sensitive wetland areas; we were contracted by Chandler Construction to install the large underground water mains across these sections using a timber mat road and temporary elevated crane trestle that allowed an American 9299 crane to operate over the wetlands with minimal impact. Steel sheet pile cofferdams were installed and dewatered to allow short sections of pipe to be installed “in-the dry” which guaranteed that no creek water could enter the pipelines.


Chandler Construction Services
1511 Ninety Six Highway
Ninety Six, SC 29666

Cape Romain completed project