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Georgetown County Water & Sewer District


  • Owner: Georgetown County Water & Sewer District
  • Construction Cost: $216,000
  • Completion Date: Jan 2014

Scope of Services:

    In 1996 the GCW&SD built a new water treatment plant on Sandy Island Road. In the fall of 2013, the plant began experiencing reduced flows from the river intake to the wet well pump station. The original intake was 26”Ø HDPE installed with concrete weights attached.  The length from the intake screens to the wet well is approximately 2000’ and is installed in the bottom of an early rice field canal that runs from the river to the mainland.

    After investigation, divers determined that two areas in the pipeline have moved to create two bumps in the gravity feed line. Cape Romain was hired to access damaged areas and move the line back to the original installed elevation. In addition, we will install several air valves.


Brad Corkeem
P.O. Box 2730
Pawleys Island, SC 29585