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Leland Marina


  • Owner: Mr. Rutledge Leland
  • Estimated Completion Date: April 2012

Scope of Services:

  • Demolition of Existing Facilities
  • Design of Replacement Facilities
  • Install Aluminum Floating Docks with 14” Square PSC Piles
  • Construct Timber Access Pier
  • Install 80’ ADA Compatible Ramp

Leland Marina: We are using an American 9299 165-Ton capacity crane on a 54’x100’ barge to demolish the existing timber structure and install the replacement facilities. Twelve aluminum floating docks will be assembled together to construct the new 441’ x 10’ floating dock. The aluminum 80’ x 6’ ramp will provide access from the new timber pier to the floating dock.


Mr. Rutledge Leland
541 Water St
McClellanville, SC