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OTC Berth Improvements


  • Owner:  The Roberts Company
  • Construction Cost: $3,594,649
  • Completion Date:  Under Construction

Scope of Services:

  • Demolition of Existing Dolphins, Walkways, and Dock Structures
  • Driving of 116 each 18” concrete composite piling in 103’ lengths, 22 each 12” concrete piling in 85’ lengths
  • Cast-in-place Caps & precast deck panels
  • Erection of 110’ x 48’ Hose Tower, Fire Dock, New Mooring & Breasting Dolphins, and Walkways
  • Approach Trestle for the Main Dock and Fire Dock

Odjfell Terminal Berth Improvements: The project begins with demolition of existing dolphins, walkways, and dock structures to make way for the new facilities. The project consists of driving 116 each 18” pre-stress concrete composite piling in 103’ lengths, 22 each 12” pre-stress concrete piling in 85’ lengths.  Concrete caps are then formed and poured to create framing for the 48 precast deck panels. A concrete topping deck is then cast-in-place to lock the structure together. The remaining 110’ X 48’ hose tower dock, fire dock, mooring dolphins, breasting dolphins, walkways, and approach trestle for the main & fire docks can then be completed.


Jimmy McCausley
The Roberts Company
P.O. Box 63008
North Charleston, SC 29413
Phone: (843) 566-0801