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Robert Edge Parkway (Main St. Connector)

  • Owner:  South Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Construction Cost: $35,000,000
  • Completion Date:  September 2009

Scope of Services:

  • Build New 1010’ Hi-Rise Post-Tensioned Concrete Girder Bridge over Intracoastal Waterway
  • Build New 310’ Concrete Girder Bridge over Old Sanders Road
  • Construct 2.5 Miles of Four Lane Concrete Paved Highway
  • Construct 2.0 Miles of Asphalt Paved Ramps to Highway SC31

Main Street Connector for SCDOT in Horry County: The main bridge’s interior bents were built on 7’Ø drilled shafts, 85’ to 126’ deep; concrete girders were modified 78” bulb tees except the “haunch” girders that tapered to 11’ tall at the main piers and weighed 91 tons each, these had to be erected using two 200+ ton capacity cranes; temporary steel towers were erected to hold the main pier girders in place until post tensioning could be completed; the 510’ long post-tensioned section of the bridge over the water was stressed to 14,760,000 Lbs.


South Carolina Department of Transportation
Post Office Box 986
Marion, SC 29571

Cape Romain completed project