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Yauhannah Bridge Repairs


  • Owner:  South Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Construction Cost: $279,000
  • Completion Date:  December 2012

Scope of Services:

  • Install 24 Each HP 14 X 73 Steel Piles
  • Form and Pour Two Concrete Bent Caps
  • Install W36x300 Steel Supports

Yauhannah Bridge Repairs for SCDOT: The project is located on Hwy-701 between Georgetown and Conway. All work was performed during night time hours. Six HP 14 X 73 steel piling were driven on each side of two bents. Caps were poured and two W-36 X 300 beams were placed atop these caps to support the bridge deck from sinking. The bridge settled an additional 2.5” during pile driving operations. The project was completed ahead of schedule to the delight of the neighbors having to here the noise of pile driving during the night. The SCDOT was very complimentary of our supervision and crew on the job.


Michael McLamb
State Utility Company
Phone: (704) 261-0171